Friday, 8 April 2016

Big Magic

This may seem like one of the oddest second posts to do. I mean yeah, this blog will focus highly on clothes, beauty and body positivity. At some point. But I first wanted to speak to you about creativity. This idea of us being creative individuals sits very deep with me. I personally feel like this concept partially underpins who we are as people. Shapes us even. Everyone has a creative capacity and it’s up to us if we deliver our own innovations out into the world. Let’s take blogging for example. Most of us don’t have to do it, but we do it anyway. Why? Because we enjoy it. It allows us to release our inner thoughts, helps us to understand our own feelings and project them for everyone to see. It allows us to creative something original and of value through our own style of self-expression. I study creativity as a part of my course at university, in a slightly different context. But it got me thinking, what about creativity in the individual? How do we begin to even express who we are as people when we live in a world where there is so negativity? Don’t get me wrong, there is so much good, but it’s hard to take something you have created and put it out there on a platform. The fear of rejection, believing you are not worthy to be seen are only a few of the reasons we choose not to express ourselves. 

Which is when I discovered this book. Big Magic: Creativity Living Beyond Fear (Elizabeth Gilbert).

I haven’t even read it to the end yet, but the need to talk to you about it was way too strong. I’m not going to go into too much depth. I’m literally just going to list the different title parts of the book actually: Courage, Enhancement, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. 

Six words that can literally change everything. 

Having the courage, the permission from yourself and the world, the persistence to go forward and make a stand, the trust in yourself and the world, will bring you to your personal sense of divinity. And who can argue with that outcome?

So if you’re scared or confused about moving forward in life. Take a look at this book and trust yourself enough to learn your self-worth and creative abilities and get ready for your next chapter. Because life’s next chapter won’t wait for you.

Love ya, Chuck x x x

Monday, 4 April 2016

Begin Again. . . Again

 I believe that imperfections create perfection. That the things we hate most about ourselves are the things that truly stand us apart. We live in a world where time is so precious and yet we waste it, surrounding ourselves in deprivation because it can be difficult to embrace who we really are. I’ve done it, you have done it and the lady down the street has done it. Deprived ourselves from social occasions, from buying that dress we love, avoiding photos because we only acknowledge the things we do not agree with, but why? Why do we only choose to relate to negativity and completely disregard the positive? I was once paid a ‘compliment’ where I was told that I had ‘a lovely face for a big girl’. For a moment I accepted face value and believed that this person was wonderful for saying it. Then it hit me. Lovely face for a big girl. What the frick? Why isn’t the rest of me lovely? I began to question everything about myself, to the point where I questioned my self-worth. Who on earth has the right to allow someone to question their self-worth? In 2014 I began to voice my view about being a plus size role model on social media. Hoping that it would help me begin to build up my confidence about my body. It lasted two blog posts. I didn’t receive any negativity, only words of kindness. But it didn’t feel real. I forced myself in an attempt to believe the words. That maybe if I put myself out there, in time I would actually believe it.  It focused highly on the way the media portrays women and the way they look. Opposed to the whole person. Beauty lives everywhere. But beauty is not everything.
Loving ourselves for the amazing creatures we are is paramount. Accepting our so called ‘flaws’ is a good start, but personally I think defining who we are as people is so much more. Embracing our kindness, passions, creativity and culture is a better start. Self-expression is the key kids and this blog will be my self-expression. So come along for the ride and let’s try and make it past only publishing two posts this time. Wicked. 

Love ya, Chuck x x
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